Friday, August 21, 2009

Lavender Sugar

In my garden, I have a walkway that is lined with lavender. The flower heads lean over the flagstones as they reach for the sun, brushing up against me as I walk along. The fresh relaxing scent of lavender is released, reminding me to slow down and breathe deeply. Sometimes I stop and press the flower between my fingers to get an extra waft of the romantic fragrance. I have tucked it in my drawers, put it in bowls in my living room and made small pillows to give sweet dreams. I love it in food...sweet or why not add it to sugar for everyday use? I had a jar of white sparkling sugar and plenty of lavender flowers to harvest, so I mixed them together. Now I will have another reminder of summer's sunshine and thoughts of lavender fields, near and far.For your Lavender Sugar always only use lavender that has not been sprayed with any pesticides. If you buy the flowers, you can never be sure if they are pesticide free unless stated. I like the look of seeing the loose flowers in the sugar, but if you only want the flavor, tie them in cheesecloth. This sugar may be used to flavor cakes, cookies, ice cream or to simply put in your tea. It makes a great gift, especially if it's from your own garden.

Lavender Sugar

8 ounces white sparkling sugar or white granulated sugar
3 tablespoons lavender flowers, removed from stem

Mix sugar and lavender together and store in an airtight container. If you don't want the loose flowers in the sugar, tie the lavender flowers into a small piece of double cheesecloth and remove after 2 weeks. It takes about 2 weeks for the flowers to flavor the sugar.
To use, sprinkle into tea, on pastries or bake with it.

Lavender Sugar recipe (pdf)

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