Thursday, December 3, 2009

Come Shopping...E. Dehillerin in Paris

Do you need a stockpot big enough to sit in, or copper cookware made in France? How about cooking or baking utensils in all shapes and sizes? E. Dehillerin in Paris mainly caters to restaurants, but also trades with the public. This family run business has had their doors open since 1820. As you walk in, you are greeted by a copper rooster and well worn display shelves full of accoutrements for the professional and home chefs. For a foodie, this is a panacea. As you walk around this tight busy space, you walk through a piece of history. There is a reverence and excitement all at once. Do you need a crepe pan,tart pans,charlotte molds,or silicone molds?Walking downstairs you'll find the huge restaurant stockpots as well as many other items geared toward cooking for large groups.
I am mainly interested in what's upstairs, so I walk back up the stairs that have been worn by the steps of food lovers and cooks for almost 2 centuries.Past the display case full of treasures, and bread baskets, there are copper pots that are made in France (but, of course!) for every need and desire. There are rows and rows of spatulas, knives, and just about any other utensil you'll need. The pans and forms come in all shapes and sizes. And who doesn't need an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter?Hmmm....I guess I do!Among a few other things.Thanks for coming along, and think of all of the money YOU saved ;-))

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