Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow, Ice, Salt and a Giveaway! of Europe are in a deep freeze that won't ease it's grip. The United Kingdom is getting snow and ice they haven't seen in decades. Some areas have run out of salt and aren't expecting to be able to get any for a while. In one rural town, a man said his wife hasn't been able to get back home for 15 days (that's her story and she's sticking to it!) Asia is also setting records. Seoul, South Korea had a foot of snow in a 24 hour period which is a first. Here in the US, one storm starts up as another passes. Besides the skiers and children, the only one who really enjoys the snow is my neighbor's dog, Dakota! Florida citrus crops are in danger of freezing as frosty temperatures replace the balmy sun. At home in Massachusetts, my son Zac, went out with a friend last weekend during the storm and shot some photos around town as the snow fell. It was late into the night, and a cold, white stillness took hold as they witnessed the beginning of an unrelenting snow. The closed movie theater in town had an Edward Hopper-like appeal. His friend cross country skied as a lone car came by. A war memorial seemed to come alive as a winter battle and it's perils is envisioned. But I think it is time for the ice and snow to stop. What we need is salt (besides sunshine, of course), and lot's of it to melt away the icy chill! So I'm having my very first giveaway. Fleur de Sel...the French salt that is the flower of the sea. Ahhhh...did someone say flower.....and sea? And rosy chunks of Himalayan sea salt with it's own grater. They are sure to melt the ice from the heart of winter as they season your food. I can see the pink coming back into your cheeks now! So, crack the ice from your knuckles and leave a comment. How are you beating the chill? Mention you are a follower and I'll put your name in twice. I love my friends from outside of the US, but I can only ship within the 48 contiguous states and Canada. The first name drawn will receive the Fleur de Sel and the Himalayan sea salt and grater. The second name that gets drawn receives the Fleur de Sel. On my next post, I'll announce the winner. Stay warm, my friends.Thanks Zac, for your great B&W film photos.

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