Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Floral Appetizer

Inspiration seems to be found everywhere this spring. I found some dried Asian hibiscus flowers at Trader Joe's last week and bought them without even knowing what they tasted like. They just looked so exotic as they appeared to be dancing in the bag. I also grabbed some dried apricots and dried candied ginger. I opened the bag in the car out of curiosity and was surprised that they tasted really good...kind of tart, sweet and fruity. With their outreaching arms, it was like eating a fruity calamari. When I got home, I experimented and added a dried apricot in the bottom of the hibiscus flower. It was good, but a little bare. I chopped some of the candied ginger and added some on top. Not leaving well enough alone, I then mixed equal parts of cream cheese and goat cheese together and tossed in some of the sweet and peppery chopped ginger. It looked so good as I piped it onto the apricot in the center of the hibiscus flower. A green Pepita on top added the perfect was a visual and tasty delight. As they reach toward the sun, these floral buds can enliven a cheese board, salad or stand on their own as an appetizer as they transition us into the glory of summer. Bon appetit!

Some gentle thoughts on spring.....

The sea of spring,
Rising and falling,
All the day long.


In the intervals
Of rough wind and rain,
The first cherry-blossoms.


Silent flowers
Speak also
To that obedient ear within.


Written and photographed by Diane.

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