Friday, April 9, 2010

Coffee With Rick at Café Le Sélect, Paris

"We"ll have to start our day with coffee at Le Sélect with Rick," my friend Nancy said. "I can't think of a better way," I replied. Arriving at the classic 1920's French bistro on boulevard Montparnasse, a well worn tiled entrance and warm interior greeted us.
Rick was at a table in the back with his coffee cup, sharpened pencil and sketchbook. For years artist Rick Tulka has been a fixture at Le Sélect in Paris as he draws caricatures of some of the cafe's famous, infamous and everyday patrons. Nancy met Rick after seeing him on CBS Morning News and they have been friends since. He also works for Mad Magazine and sells his colorful black and white images worldwide. Rick's soft spoken demeanor speaks wittily and robustly through his talented hand. The book, "Paris Café, The Select Crowd," written by Noël Riley Fitch and illustrated by Rick Tulka, takes us for a lively visit inside the cafe through it's patrons and food. Rick, a native New Yorker who moved to Paris with his wife, Brenda, 15 years ago seems to be firmly transplanted. We exchanged greetings and ordered 2 grand crème from our waiter. Rick poured our coffee and steamed milk into the chunky cups as we chatted and caught up with life. Nancy and I looked at his hot off of the press, Le Sélect note cards. OK, we had to have these cards he has just posted on his website. I didn't get a pic of our waiter with his long white apron, smug face and yes, the French nose, but I'm sure somewhere Rick has his caricature in his sketchbook. I'll have to ask. We finished our coffee, made plans for dinner together Saturday night and kissed goodbye. Rick hopped on his bike and Nancy and I took the métro to St. Michel. A tout a l'heure....

Peruse Rick's'll be delighted, entertained and amused.

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