Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baked Chèvre With Pink Peppercorns

Warm baked chèvre or goat cheese, sliced and breaded is a staple on many French bistro menus, and I'm glad of it. It's creamy and tangy taste just gets better when warmed. Usually served on top of toasted bread with salad greens with a light vinaigrette, you'd think it couldn't get any better. I wanted to serve it warm but not individually, so I added in a little cream and some mixed shredded cheese. That mixture went into a small French casserole to heat under the broiler to form a light golden crust. A few pink peppercorns that I bought in Paris at a favorite spice shop, sprinkled on top gave it a punch of color and peppery taste. I roasted some baby red peppers, and plunked one right into the warm cheese. Bread sticks served along the side work well for dipping.
Baked Chèvre with Pink Peppercorns

4 ounces goat cheese log, room temperature
1 tablespoon cream
1 tablespoon finely grated mixed Italian blend cheese
1 teaspoon pink peppercorns

In a bowl mix together the goat cheese, cream and grated cheese. Put in an oven proof baking dish such as a large ramekin. Place on a tray or foil and broil in toaster oven for about 5 minutes or until golden brown. Don't let it get too hot or the cheese will "break" and become grainy.

Top with pink peppercorns and garnish with a baby roasted pepper.
Serve with bread sticks, crostini or crackers.

Makes about 5 ounces.
Hand painted French plate is Terre è Provence.
Small French baking dish (covered) is Insea.
Both were bought at Marshall's. I love Marshall's!

Baked Chèvre with Pink Peppercorns recipe, click here.

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