Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Volcation...Up In Smoke

 A picture of lightning over  the Iceland volcano
Photograph by Marco Fulle, Barcroft/Fame Pictures

When I left Boston for Paris last Thursday, I was scheduled to return on Saturday. All of that went up in smoke. The volcanic plume from the Icelandic volcano extended all down the Atlantic from Iceland, disrupting a lot of European travel. My departure was canceled day after day. I just returned late last night from my Paris "volcation" and leave in a few short hours to return. Just like Jimmy Buffett lamented, "I don't know where I'm a gonna go when the volcano blows!" I may not come back on Friday as planned, but will have more stories to share if I don't. During our 6 day trip we had frustrations, laughs, tears, love, fine dining, shopping, exploring and lots of bonding. On my first day I attended a wonderful Tour de France wine tasting at Ô Chateau and will be sharing that experience soon. I was without a computer during my time in Paris and could only make quick 2 minute visits to 2 shared computers in our crew room. The line was usually 6 deep as everyone tried to make contact and also to find out if the next flight was canceled. I am now not only way far behind on my blog postings, I am behind on checking in on my favorite blogs as well. And don't know when I can catch up. I have to finish laundry, packing and recharging all of my batteries!

A toute a l'heure!!

Take a peek at
photographer, Marco Fulle's dramatic photos from National Geographic, here.

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