Friday, April 2, 2010

A Light Spring Brunch

After making my Chocolate cake with Coconut and Chocolate Filled Quail eggs last week, I had a bowlful of scrambled raw eggs. OK, now what? I could have used them in the cake, but didn't. Since they really are special in their delicate way, I wanted to do them justice. I had beautiful thin asparagus and some white skinned potatoes on hand. My chives have emerged about 8 inches high (they amazingly haven't drowned in all of the latest rain), so I snipped some of those. I picked up some prosciutto at the store, but was thinking how lucky Monique at La Table de Nana was to have her husband's own homemade prosciutto. J, you're my hero :-) And yes this wouldn't be complete in chi-chi-ness without a drizzle of truffle oil. There really isn't a recipe here, just scrambled eggs in butter resting on several potato slices that have been sauteed until golden. Three quail eggs equal about one medium chicken egg. Toss on a few snipped chives and serve with prosciutto and fresh steamed asparagus with a lemon squeeze. I had truffle oil, but if you don't have it or don't like it, just serve as is. It is wonderfully delicate and springlike for breakfast or a light brunch. Happy Spring and if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter! Take a peek at Once Upon a Plate to see Mary's new chicks. I can almost hear the "peep....peep...peep", now!

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