Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Valentine ♥

It was an annual event. The invitations went out and all of of the little girls arrived and circled our large mahogany dining table in their red flouncy dresses. Craft paper, markers, scissors and heart stickers were spread out. Heart-shaped cookies ready to decorate sat on the table, and sprinkles littered the floor. Red heart-shaped Jello Jigglers were always invited to the party along with the bestest of friends. Giggles and Jigglers....bows and curls. That little girl is now all grown up and wearing a different flouncy dress....with a soon-to-be wedding bouquet and a handsome man across from her. There is a different chapter now with different invitations and a new version of hearts. My little girl isn't nearby, but she is close. Every Valentines Day when treats take on that shape of love, I think of her.

This Valentine's Day I'm still icing my knee instead of cupcakes and cookies and I'm thinking of Valentines past. My daughter wants to make the Jigglers if she can get a heart shaped cutter in Korea, and my son and his girlfriend, Val, are making Truffles. Love is truly in the air. For me, I decided to re-post some ideas for your V-Day. Just click on the photo for a link to the post. XO

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Meredith said...

I want a bite of that pasta...and the pink heart and the chocolate heart...heck I'll have a bite of everything except the red heart. Loved your blog today. <3 Meredith

Thibeault's Table said...

What a sweet post.

I'm glad you are back posting. Missed you these last few months. Sorry that you have been sidelined by surgery.


La Table De Nana said...


That first one(oh lala) all of them..but wow for VDAY..I LOVE it..

I made your roses pasta:)

That's teh first one i made of yours I think..
This post is over the top beautiful..I am so glad you are feeling up to posting..

Missed you!

The lovely couple is adorable..and that little girl..well we all have great memories of our little ones don't we?:)

I see both photos a movie posters!!!


Deana Sidney said...

They do look like roses... how I love things that aren't what they seem. I do hope your knee gets better. I'm getting my first aches and pains in my shoulders (bad sleeping position for years) and wonder, hmmm is this what growing older is about? Lucky it's minor but it is a reminder of things to come. Living in a city makes it hard to be unable to move around... all the stairs and such. Hope you have lots of pals delivering goodies for you!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Diane... as always xoxKate