Friday, April 16, 2010

Volcanoes, Flea Markets and Spoons

I feel a little like the proverbial canary in the coal mine. All flights into and out of most of Europe have been canceled for the past few days due to a large volcano erupting in Iceland. The volcanic ash it has spewed into the jetstream is detrimental to airplane engines. Today I am supposed to be taking one of the first flights over the Atlantic to Paris since the initial cancellations. Keep your fingers (or spoons) crossed. It could always cancel at the last minute. Last Saturday my friends Nancy, Robert and I had plans to go to a local brocante or flea market that was just for the weekend. The sun was bright and the temperature was warm. Normally we'd sit at a cafe and soak it all in before starting our day, but bargains could be snapped up as we sipped our coffee. So we did the unthinkable...we had coffee emporter. It was my first time, honest. I'm not sure why (I don't think there was volcanic ash yet), but the photo of the coffee came out with a rosy glow which seems a little surreal looking. This boulangerie still makes their bread fresh every day, so to go with our coffee we also got a couple of ficelle au fromage for the walk through Parc Montsouris to the flea market. As we passed through the park, families enjoyed pony rides, carousels and just plain horsing around. I can verify that this man on the park bench was dressed, but at first glance it seemed otherwise. You can make up your own caption. We left the park, and back on the main street an indoor flea market, Emmaüs, drew us in. It's not large but has some treasures. I bought some spoons from a box of miscellaneous silver. I really wanted this fork and knife set, but airport security frowns on bringing knives through**sigh** A lady carried a bowl that she snapped up before me....see, there are valid reasons for coffee "to go." Minutes matter. A short walk brought us to Place Jacques Demy (named after the famous French filmaker), where a caliope playing music welcomed us. The dealers had their wares set up with a variety of goods. There were tapestries and puzzles, linens, containers, and pottery. We didn't buy anything, but were tempted by many. Maybe not by this candy, but I wondered what these rug dealers had brewing in their pot. It made us start to think about dinner after we had whiled away the day. We had plans to meet our friends Rick and Brenda for dinner, so we had a brisk walk back to the hotel. After dropping off treasures, we made it to our friend's apartment and had time for a few cocktails before going to Chez Gladines for dinner. It is known for huge salads, low prices and a large social scene outside while waiting for a table. We made it for the first seating, but soon it filled up elbow to elbow inside and cheek to jowl outside. While we dipped our bread into the garlicky oil from our escargot, a beagle at the next table had his eyes on everyone, or maybe just our plates. He settled down as the evening wore on. We finished our meal and were told not to linger...people were waiting outside. OK, OK...we paid the l'addtion and left. It was a beautiful night as we kissed Rick and Brenda good bye until next time.

Emmaüs 80 blvd. Jourdan in the 14th
metro: Porte d'Orleans

Place Jauques Demy in the 14th has a variety of markets depending on the day.
metro: Mouton Dervernet

Chez Gladines
30 rue des Cinq Diamants in the 13th. Arrive by 7:30pm or after 11:00pm for a table to avoid the large local crowds for this budget priced restaurant.
metro: Place d'Italie or Corvisart

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linda said...

this post is tres chic...i just adore the flea markets in paris (& london)...i am SO JEALOUS...i do hope to get back to paris soon...i am swooning over ALL the treasures you photographed & trying hard not let to my mind wander to the man on the bench (...only kidding)...
i adore the pernod 45 pitcher!!

travel safe!!

Deana Sidney said...

I do hope your trip goes well or not at all.. no need to travel when it is not safe. About the flea... I really want that fruit set... is it brass... how stunning it did make me drool as did all the wonderful Paris snaps... how I wish I could run over when I'm in England ( I got engaged in Paris!!)

La Table De Nana said...

Your photos.. make me swoon.I love your shots... unique..

Not processed..not w/ your eye.
I would have loved all the sights..I can't believe you didn't buy anything that time..

The tree:) And the 2 kids photographing each other!!Apart from all the other photos:)

Wondering if you are home or away..but thanking you for this lovely diversion~

2 Stews said...

My Paris flight today did indeed cancel and I think I'll be lucky to have my trip on Monday go. This is all so bizare, with so many people being disrupted around the world.

Linda...yeah, the flea markets are great. I try and use restraint and just enjoy seeing what is out there. I hope you get back to Paris soon, it has a way of filling us up with delight! We'll have to toast if you do:-)

Deana...I'm not sure if the set was brass, I didn't look too closely since I knew is was off limits, but I loved it! How romantic to get engaged in Paris :-)) Your England trip sounds so full, maybe you'll be able to just visit Paris soon.

Monique...thank you so much for your comment about my photos. I like the realness, too. I think I use a lot of battery power by leaving my camera on so I can just pick it up and shoot. I would have loved to just sit in the park and watch the children play. There was magic there that day. Families were out on the beautiful day just enjoying life. We had an agenda but we did lolly gag some as we took it all in. I love that tree too. I bet it has created many childhood memories.

Have a great weekend all.


a quiet life said...

i love seeing what you share, you feel like a real local, capturing the essence of life~ glad you are still grounded, more fun for you, and maybe us!

♥ Kathy said...

hope you get out but not before you get more pictures :) beautiful!

Trissa said...

I love the lovely cutlery and the other props - how I wish I could go have gone to that market. I would have been in heaven!

Unknown said...

Such lovely photos! I was in Paris last month and I am a flea market fairy (which makes for one sad little lady as there aren't any good ones in Phoenix). Thank you for posting - and safe travels!

Zurin said...

Your fotos are always so heartwarming...I love flea markets n I cant believe you didnt buy anything. everything looks so tempting. Fly safe okay. Take care :))

Barbara said...

Great series of photos! French flea markets are hands down the best in the world!

Another thing that always amazed me were the animals in restaurants. Some just wandering around. Can you imagine what a commotion it would cause in the US?